Wij bieden jou

Iedere dag zes miljoen gevulde bordjes. dat is de impact van Albert Heijn op Nederland.
Je zorgt ervoor dat wij als retailer vooroplopen in vernieuwing en dat Nederland iedere dag lekker en gezond kan eten.
Werken bij Albert Heijn betekent onze klanten iedere dag te voorzien van de beste en gezondste producten. Hiermee werken we samen aan onze missie: Samen beter eten bereikbaar maken. Voor iedereen.
Bij de marktleider in de Nederlandse retail heb je toegang tot best in class en inspirerende opleidingen en begeleiding, waarbij jij regie houdt over jouw eigen ontwikkeling en loopbaan.
Bij Albert Heijn ben je onderdeel van een groeiende, dynamisch en succesvolle organisatie. Als marktleider in Nederland lopen we, samen met jou, voorop in vernieuwing.
Een open cultuur waar je samenwerkt met collega’s die verstand van zaken hebben en net als jij graag dat extra stapje zetten.

Your new job and office



Thank you for your application for Albert Heijn's Tech Talent Track! 


In this first step of your application we'd like to ask you to upload your CV and provide some personal information. Make sure that you click all the way through the screens when you fill out your application. You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail once you've completed your application.



What do we offer?

After you've completed your application you will receive the invitation to our game based assessment within two working days. These games provide you with the opportunity to showcase your potential, talents and personality. As a result, we can ensure equal opportunites for everyone who applies, by evaluating everyone based on objective, scientifically proven insights. As we value personal growth and transparency, we will make sure you receive your results on the games as well. Note that these games are mobile-first, and are best to be made on your mobile phone. Making the games will take up around 35 minutes of your time.


Once you've completed your game we will get in touch with you about the possible next step: the Tech Talent Day. During this day we're going to ask you to perform a case and you'll have an interview with us. You will also get to meet several colleagues from our Tech departments, so you can get to know us and decide if this is indeed the job for you.


There are 4 dates for the Tech Talent Day:

  • Thursday October 13th
  • Thursday November 3rd
  • Thursday November 24th
  • Thursday December 15th


The Tech Talent Days last from 09:00 in the morning until around 15:00 in the afternoon and are held at our head office in Zaandam.


Good luck and have fun! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via tech.talent@ah.nl


Kind regards,

Anna Bubbers

Talent Acquisition Partner

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