Wij bieden jou

Iedere dag zes miljoen gevulde bordjes. dat is de impact van Albert Heijn op Nederland.
Je zorgt ervoor dat wij als retailer vooroplopen in vernieuwing en dat Nederland iedere dag lekker en gezond kan eten.
Werken bij Albert Heijn betekent onze klanten iedere dag te voorzien van de beste en gezondste producten. Hiermee bieden we alle ingrediënten voor een beter leven voor iedereen.
Bij de marktleider in de Nederlandse retail heb je toegang tot best in class en inspirerende opleidingen en begeleiding, waarbij jij regie houdt over jouw eigen ontwikkeling en loopbaan.
Bij Albert Heijn ben je onderdeel van een groeiende, dynamisch en succesvolle organisatie. Als marktleider in Nederland lopen we, samen met jou, voorop in vernieuwing.
Een open cultuur waar je samenwerkt met collega’s die verstand van zaken hebben en net als jij graag dat extra stapje zet.

Your new job and office

About the job
For our frontend development team in the Checkout & Payments team we are looking for enthusiastic, independent, opinionated developers, who understand the potential impact they have on our active user base that is currently hovering around 3,3 million. This means, during the day 50K concurrent users are using your product. 
Our team is large and very diverse, in regard to both culture and skills. Some of us are internal employees and others come from agencies or are freelancers, but all are fully integrated members of the team and are equally contributing to the app and its evolution.


What we stand for as a frontend team:

  • We care deeply about consistent, maintainable, elegant, well documented and tested code. 
  • We always keep in mind that code is more often read than written. 
  • We make sure our solutions respect the acceptance criteria because we test them thoroughly, picking the right type of test depending on what we’re building. 
  • Doing things right, is more important than closing the ticket a day too early. 
  • We are firm believers that “QA should find nothing” and use our strict PR review process to learn from each other. 
  • We work for our Users, not our managers. 
  • Part of an agile development process is code refactoring. We're a big fan of the boy scouting rule, make the extra mile to leave code better than before you touched it. 


Why joining the frontend team at AH Technology? Let us give you a few reasons: 

  • We have modern technology in place: 
  • You're building a website that is used by millions of customers in their daily shopping activities. 
  • All you do on our website has a big impact.
  • You join a development chapter of 20+ web engineers, who think alike, or different 😉, but all love working on new initiatives, high performance and high quality, unit testing etc.
  • Grow your career and become part of the AH Tech Academy; our learning environment. 

Your new office & team
The Checkout & Payments team is responsible for the checkout of all online orders within ah.nl. We work closely together with the Payments Platform to build a sustainable solution towards paying the orders before delivering. Another responsibility of the team is the digital receipts. More and more people wants to have their receipt on their mobile phone, which means also environmental friendly with paperless receipts. This digital receipt is a one-to-one copy of the in-store receipt you get from the ‘Points of Sale’, for example the self-scan. As a team we want to create a smooth solution within the checkout flow and digital receipts for the customer by using the latest techniques and technologies. 
Our office is located in Zaandam, near the train station and our regular ‘office day’ is Thursday. The rest of the week we work mainly from home (but you’re free to visit the office more often). 

What do we offer?

The right ingredients for an impactful job

  • An annual salary between 65K-85K gross, depending on your level of seniority and experience, based on a full-time workweek (40 hours). 
  • Possibility to work 32-40 hours a week. 
  • An additional yearly bonus (up to 10K). 
  • An attractive pension plan of which we pay out over 4,5 x times the amount you contribute to the fund. So you’ll continue to enjoy a comfortable income even after retiring :-). 
  • A minimum of 20 days paid vacation, optionally 12.5 days extra. Do you want to take that extra time off, or would you rather convert the extra days into discounts or sell them for cash? It’s up to you!
  • Travel expenses, a laptop (MacBook) and smartphone.
  • 10% staff discount on groceries in all Albert Heijn stores, up to €300 discount a year.
  • Follow training and courses via our AH Tech Academy.


What do you bring

  • Technology/IT Engineering Bachelor certificate or Master degree, or equivalent work experience; 
  • Strong experience as developer or lead in a front-end or full stack role is a must
  • Know your way around with React.js, Node.js, Typescript, REST. 
  • Experience with websockets is a plus.  
  • Outstanding communication in English (Dutch is not mandatory); 
  • A highly communicative personality and not afraid to express your opinion about quality software.


We are looking for both experienced and less experienced developers. Depending on the level of experience you bring, you participate in standups and refinements, write code, enforce code quality, develop best practices, write tests and manage releases. You support product or platform architects when needed, and guide and coach other (junior) developers.
If you don't check all the boxes, don't worry, we probably don't do either ;-). Feel free to apply and let us have a look at your resume.


Our interview Process
The first step is reviewing your resume and plan a (video) call with our tech recruiter Carly DeSantis which the Tech lead frontend will join the last 15 minutes too, so you can ask more in-depth technical questions. The next step is a technical assignment to tackle at home, which we use to understand if your programming style matches what we look for in a team mate. If it does, we follow up with a relaxed 1-hour chat, where we talk about the assessment, your experiences, and some day-to-day technical stuff you don’t really need any preparation for. At last there’s a 30-min chat with the Head of Tech and Product Owner (or Agile coach) to get to know each other and tell you more about the direction and ambitions of the team. 


More information?
Carly DeSantis (Talent Acquisition Partner technology) and hiring manager Remco Nabuurs (Head of Tech) will be happy to help you via carly.desantis@ah.nl.

Apply: use the apply button on our website and leave your resume and contact details there. We'll get back to you asap.

About AH Technology
Albert Heijn goes way back. More than 130 years, to be exact. So for millions of people, food shopping is synonymous with the Albert Heijn brand. We didn’t achieve this with a complacent, ‘hey, if it works today, it’ll work tomorrow’ approach, but by continually rethinking our propositions and staying plugged in to customer demands. Over 1,000 stores? Check. The leading online food retail platform? Check, we build, run and love it. 😉
So what’s next? Accelerating our transition into a hybrid Food & Tech company is. We want to leverage data and technology to future-proof food shopping and make better food more easily accessible to everyone. At AH Technology, you team up with inspiring peers in the data, digital and tech domains. A community of diverse individuals who share a common goal; to create digital solutions that make (online) shopping simpler and more inspiring. Are you ready to reinvent the way millions of people buy and enjoy their food? We invest heavily in data, digital and tech. And that includes investing in your career!

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